The (Improved) Vitamin D Hammer: Beating the Flu in 72 Hours

​Recently, when my ​father came down with a bad cold, we made use of the “Vitamin D Hammer” along with our secret weapon ​– vitamin C. The improvement was clear.

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But, what is this hammer and how can you use it to get rid of influenza-like symptoms fast?

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How Long Does It Take For Vitamin D To Work?

In this article you’ll learn the answer to two questions:

  • ​How long does it take for supplementation to raise your vitamin D blood levels?
  • ​How long does it take for you to feel the effects of vitamin D?

Did you notice the subtle difference?

Raising your vitamin D levels is important, but if you suffer from an autoimmune disorder there’s so much more that vitamin D can do ​for you.

For example, Dr. Coimbra, in Brazil, and many other Doctors, worldwide, are using high-dose vitamin D therapy to stop the progression of serious autoimmune disorders, like multiple sclerosis. 

That’s why, in the second half of this article, you’ll learn how much time vitamin D takes to help you feel relief.

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Top 127 Foods Highest in Vitamin D

​Did you know fish and ​mushrooms are some of the greatest sources of vitamin D?

​​If not, here's a curated list of the highest food sources of vitamin D ​according to the data ​made available ​by the US Department of Agriculture, or USDA. (1)

But first, here are some words of caution:

In case you are vegan, or vegetarian, you can find a list of the highest plant-based vitamin-D-rich foods here.

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Can Too Much Vitamin D Cause Anxiety?

  • ​Have you been experiencing increased anxiety since you began supplementing with vitamin D?
  • ​Are you worried this might be due to vitamin D?

It could.

Vitamin D can increase your anxiety because of the way it influences both your magnesium and calcium metabolisms.

But you can make things right again.

In this article, you’ll learn what’s happening and how you can turn it around.

You’ll understand the steps you need to take so that vitamin D ends up reducing your anxiety instead of increasing it.

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